Our Menu: Vegetarian Mains

We have a wide selection of vegetarian dishes, including many main courses

Please note: prices are available in the downloadable PDF menus linked below

68. Green Curry

Green curry in coconut milk with vegetables.

69. Red Curry

Red curry in coconut milk base with vegetables.

70. Pad Pak

Stir-fried mix vegetables.

71. Pad Met Manuang and Tofu

Stir-fried tofu, mushroom and cashew nut.

72. Pad Kratiem Prik Thai

Stir-fried tofu & vegetables with garlic, cracked pepper and coriander.

73. Pad Thai Vegetables

Stir-fried rice noodle with bean sprout, peanut and egg in tamarind sauce.

74. Pad Krapaw Jeh

Stir-fried with chilli paste, bamboo shoot, tofu and vegetables.

75. Pad Khing Jeh

Stir-fried with ginger, mushroom, tofu, onion and capsicum.

76. Kata Rawn Jeh

Stir-fried mix vegetables with satay sauce (Sizzling)

77. Tofu Pad Phet

Thai style chilli tofu and touch of thai herb.

Download our menu in PDF format: take-away menu · table menu · drinks menu

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